Tallinn: Seaplane Station


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The history of the Cold War airfields: Tallin Lennusadam
by Bert Kondruss
Coordinates: N592707 E0244418 (WGS84) Google Maps


Map with location of Tallinn Seaplane Station


The capital Tallinn is located in the north of Estonia. In the north of the city was a seaplane station Today, the station is closed and the installations are used by a museum.

During World War II


Tallinn, Estonia, seaplane station on a city map 1940
Map with the seaplane station on a MilGeo city map from 1940 (Source: mapywig.org)


Tallinn seaplane harbour and aircraft hangar
Position 9 is the seaplane harbour, 9a an aircraft hangar (Source: mapywig.org)

During the Cold War


Tallinn's airfields (Estonia) on a satellite picture from 1967
Tallinn's airfields on a satellite picture from 1967 (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)


Satellite image of Tallinn seaplane harbour (Lennusadam) 1965
Satellite image from June 1965. There are no planes visible. (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)


  • CIA report from January 1950
    The terrain is about 165 feet x 330 feet. A stone hangar with five cupolas measures about 130 feet x 165 feet. The base has a concrete landing strip.
  • Four flying boats, twin-engine high-wing monoplanes with single rudder assembly and retractable floats at the wing tips, are stationed here.
  • Flying with individual planes, allegedly courier flights to Leningrad, are observed. A seaplane lands daily at 5 p.m.
  • Comment: The occupation by four flying boats apparently has not changed since late 1948. The described aircraft is definitely identified as the Soviet GST type. The plane may be a Soviet version of the Catalina type or an original lend-lease type.



Closed. The site with the former hangar now houses the Estonian Maritime Museum.



Airfields in the vicinity

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